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Crates/Gems/Warp Pinata/Keys/GemShop/Vote Server Update

LeonWolfie LeonWolfie: 9 months ago

{Crates & Keys}
uncommen crate give uncommen stuffs like tools/items but without enchantments/uncommon key and rare key
Rare Crate give rare tools with enchantments/items/enchanted books/rare key uncommon key and legendary key
Legendary Crate: Well The Legendary Crates Could give Powerful gears/Tools/Weapons/Netherite Block or maybe random keys
Spawner crates: The crate would give you any spawner mob and with it you could build cool farm

Thats for Crates Lets Hit To Gems


Gems is not what you think No its gems like money in game but with it you could buy good stuff

With it gems you could buy what pets you want by simple pets
but every single pets will be expensive so you should keep save ur gems for it
you could buy even keys for crates too like legendary keys and spawners keys and blabla you know

So yeah thats the gems shop and gems but here is the question
how to get gems?
well will talk about later after you read the warp pinata

{Warp Pinata/votes server update}

ok here is idea its good idea to give people money in begining of the game
But lets work on the vote server to not give player money
no when players start to vote server they will get 1 gem everyday if they keep voting
and the most one who will keep voting until they voted to 50 votes he will get 50 gems
and yea most player who will keep voting the server will get more gems
thats for update server votes
How about Warp pinata
Well Warp Pinata will be area like a garden
and there is pinata over there have 500 hits health bar players keep hits the pinata the pinata will give him money and gems but alittle but the last person who break the pinata or hit the pinata will get 20 gems and 1 key legendary
but how the pinata will spawned?
ok here is the thing we can add something like /pinata commend
this command will show number to 0/125 votes
and it means will show the players how many people vote the server too
if this number end to 125/125 the pinata will spawned and it will show message to player that The pinata has been spawned type /warp pinata
and now everyone will gonna join to hit the pinata
but the pinata will give knockback to everyone so it will give chance to other players to hit her
not like hit its like pushing or something

well thats all i can suggesting about this idea

I hope you like it and accept it

Thank you^^



ELZ0GHBY ELZ0GHBY: 8 months ago

there is some good things and other bad its ok

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